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"Don't let menopause hold you back any longer"

Carrie C.

Ohio, United States

"I've lost 5 lbs and I'm my old self again which is great"

Gay H.

New York, United States

"It improved my mood like nothing else I've ever tried"

Bonnie G.

Ontario, Canada

"I tried everything else, it's been a game changer"

Kristie C.

Alabama, United States

"This supplement has given me hope and confidence"

Kimberly E.

Maryland, United States

"It's from a brand that understands us, women"

Nadine N.

Quebec, Canada

"I was amazed within just a couple of days"

Sue M.

Letchworth, UK

"Taking it for a while now and seeing amazing results"

Melissa P.

New Jersey, United States

"Great results"

"As a fitness and wellness fanatic, I only talk about products thatproduce results... Rejuvit is one of them and among the very few that is worth the money and trying... This product saves me from having to take multiple supplements for different reasons. Quick fast shipment good quality product."

Raiza R., Age 50

United States

"No more sugar cravings"

"My appetite is under control and best of all, I am losing weight and the love handles around my waist. I am so thankful I tried this probiotic supplement. I am on my 4th bottle."

Suzanne O., Age 72

United States

"Great probiotic supplement for fatty liver!"

"Not only is this product great to keep me regular throughout the month, it is awesome a great benefit to me because it helps me with my fatty liver symptoms... This product saves me from having to take multiple supplements for different reasons. Quick fast shipment good quality product."

Jennifer H., Age 45

United States

"Lost over 40 pounds, stomach issues gone!"

"I've been taking Rejuvit for over 6 months. I was trying to lose weight and I had heard that some probiotics actually cause you to gain weight. So I did some research trying to find a product that didn't have that in them. And Rejuvit was about the only one I could find. I used to have some stomach issues, distended bloaty feeling.

That has COMPLETELY gone away. I have lost 40 pounds.

I won't say Rejuvit had everything to do with it, but I do think that it has helped. So I would highly recommend it!"

Nancy V R., Age 52

United States

"Best probiotic brand for leaky gut!"

"I've suffered from IBS off and on since I was sixteen years old and have tried many things to improve the situation... I tried many probiotics and this is the one that has made a difference for me. I need to get another bottle now. I don't want to run out."

Charisse T., Age 60

United States

"Bye bye bloating!"

"Within 3 days all my uncomfortable bloating was gone. I have tried so many other supplements and prescription meds in the past with little results. Rejuvit works wonders and is so easy to take, just once daily. The key to being happy and healthy starts with good gut health and Rejuvit has exceeded all my expectations. I would definitely recommend this product."

Schoreen H., Age 51

United States

"Feeling great!"

"I had to do a round of strong antibiotics and the doctor was concerned about the effect this would have on my stomach. Taking Rejuvit, there were no negative side effectsat all!"

Angie, Age 50

United States

"Bye bye bloating!"

"I have been taking thins for about 4 or 5 months and I can tell a huge difference in decreased soreness, increased energy & decreased cravings. I also have... more regular bowel movements."

Kari S., Age 38

United States

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Rejuvit Menopause Relief
Khalila Hussain
Menopause relief

I think these tablets have helped alot with my health issues. I am very happy with them and I will continue to purchase them ☺️

Sleep at last

The capsules are quite large but easily swallowed. Results were quickly evident for me.
The biggest and best result was my sleep! After months of poor and disturbed sleep I am back to falling asleep quickly and staying asleep!

Charlotte lane

I didn't see or notice anything for quite a while but then I noticed that my mood swings were not as bad as they used to be but I have now and I will continue to give more feedback as my journey continues.

Very pleased

Only done about three weeks but my stomach is narrowing at the sides and I can feel the bottom of my ribs when lying down. I do feel better within myself both mood and energy wise have improved. I use the Belly Reset also and find My tummy is much more comfortable and the bloated feeling is gone after eating. Am very excited to see how my journey progresses. I am 64 and well past the menopause but I really do see and feel a real difference already. I would definitely recommend. Excellent product for me only weight loss supplement that has worked in my experience.

Rejuvit Menopause Relief

I have been taking these tablets for a couple of weeks now. So far my hot flushes have not been extreme. So look forward to seeing how I go when I have been on them for a couple of months

Great product for menopause

Fabulous product. Symptoms disappeared after 4 weeks of taking. Helped with hot flushes weight control mainly but had more energy to do things too

Shocked at the Relief

Honestly, I was very skeptical. I had awful hip pain, burning and aching. GONE the first night. I'm finally able to sleep, and the hip tension/sharp pain is gone, gone, gone. Highly recommend. Try it. You have nothing to lose but pain.

So far feeling much better♥️

Slightly disappointed

The supplement was good at supporting mood and mental well-being but absolutely no weight loss or impact on my stomach despite being a 4x per week exerciser and eating healthy alongside

Rejuvit Menopause Relief

Rejuvit Menopause Relief

Stopped taking my HRT and have replaced with my Rejuvit Menopause Relief capsule. Have been taking this for nearly 4 weeks and feeling ok! Give another 4 weeks I think I will notice a difference 🤞

Rejuvit Menopause Relief
June Alyson Price
Menopause relief

It’s seams I’m not sweating as much

Rejuvit Menopause Relief
nicola brettoner
Rejuvit Menopause Relief

Hi it has helped with hot flushes & appetite control but I have not lost weight I have been taking them for 2 months now

No side effects

I have only been on it Rejuvit Menopause Relief 17 days. I notice I haven’t had any hot Flashes lately and I notice I am sleeping better, but no weight loss yet.

Need more time

3 weeks and not notice any changes I’m afraid. I wasn’t expecting anything too soon I always wanted to give it at least 3 months.
Hots flushes are actually worse in the day time than before, I’m going to carry on and do at least 3 months 🤞
I would really love if I could lose a bit of weight, time will tell 🙏

Rejuvit menopause

These are brilliant the only thing that has helped with my menopause hot sweats despite going to doctors and clinics although they havent stopped they arent lasting aslong a big thumbs up from me x

Meno Reset Bundle
Susan Guidry

I am taking the bundle rejuvit and belly. I have only been on it for two weeks. Will let you know when I'm seeing a xhange.

Relief with menopause relief

Since taking the Rejuvit menopause relief I have felt less agitated and not as anxious plus I have definitely had better sleep


I didn’t think these were gonna work or make a difference but BOY WAS I WRONG! Bit expensive but made my symptoms disappear..

Surprisingly good

I tried the Meno Reset Bundle because I was really struggling with the effects of the menopause and was desperate to try anything. I have been pleasantly surprised. Although I haven't noticed any weight loss, there has been a noticeable reduction in brain fog which was a massive problem for me. I will continue taking this supplement for as long as I can afford to! :-)

Good night’s sleep

Been taking this for about 3 weeks. I can now sleep better and have noticeably reduced night sweats. Haven’t lost any weight yet, but my tummy feels lighter. Hoping I’d lose some weight soon.

Hot flushes

I was having at least 5 hot flushes a day , it was a nightmare . I have been taking Rejuvit for a month and I am happy to say the hot flushes are almost nonexistent. I don’t think I have lost any weight yet but I will continue taking the tablets . Many thanks

Give these a go!

On my second bottle of Rejuvit Menopause and not to jinx it but the hot flushes seem to have reduced! I won’t say stopped but they’ve made my life so much easier. I have tried lots of different menopause tablets but these are the best I’ve used. I would definitely say give them a try.

Good menopause relief

I have taken Rejuvit for 2 weeks and I have lost a couple of pounds. Feeling well.

Just started taking them a, will have a better picture in a few days time