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Improve Your Gut Health by Improving Your Hydration

8 cups of water a day keeps the doctor away…or do we need more than that? We’ve all likely heard how important it is to stay hydrated far too many times. 

With the recent bloom of Hydroflasks and Stanley cups, many of us have become much more in tune as to how much water we’re drinking each day. From plain water to fun beverages, hydration has become a key pillar of our overall health and wellness, with many of us feeling a much-deserved sense of accomplishment when we hit our hydration goal of the day. Water doesso much more than just prevent us from being dehydrated; from our skin to our digestive system, keeping our bodies hydrated truly helps us feel our best from the inside out. 

The human body is made up of 60% water, so it’s only natural that water would be vital for just about every bodily function - like breathing, brain activity, circulation, and digestion. And while we’ve touched on focusing on fiber and moving our bodies being important for digestion, water deserves a shoutout, too. 

Keep reading to learn about the science-based benefits of adequate hydration and how exactly our gut health is directly impacted by hydration levels, discover other hydrating options (because, we get it, water can get boring!), and learn about the connection between electrolytes and the digestive system. 

Why is Water So Important for Our Gut Health? 

Whether we enjoy a thirst-quenching ice cold glass or opt for a warm peppermint tea or a bloat latte, staying hydrated is one of the most important facts in improving digestion and maintaining a healthy gut. Water moves nutrients around the body, aids in waste removal, and helps to flush out other toxins. 

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