1. It Manages Abdominal Fat So Cherished Clothes Become Flattering Again
Did you know that abdominal fat cells have the highest number of estrogen receptors in the body?
When estrogen levels fall during menopause, it send the abdominal fat cells into overdrive.
They expand and multiply exponentially — resulting in a protruding midsection that seemingly appears overnight.
This is why L.Gasseri SBT2055 is ESSENTIAL for women who want cherished clothes to hug flatteringly again.
In a 2013 Japan Study, a group of 210 adults took L. Gasseri SBT2055 daily and had their abdominal visceral fat areas measured over a 3-month period.
Participants reduced stubborn belly fat by 8.5% without any changes to their diet or exercise. 1
This is greats news for women who want to:
😍 Enjoy a flatter tummy
😍 Strut down the street full of confidence because they look & feel fabulous
😍 Look in the mirror and LOVE the happier, trimmer woman they see
😍 Make their husbands go “WOAH”
😍 Naturally reclaim curves in all the right areas
⭐Wendy R.M, 55, USA ⭐
“I’ve been taking Provitalize for a few months and got rid of 38 pounds! That’s without any changes to my diet or exercise routine. I’m so happy the weight I have carried around for so many years is finally melting away. I can fit into clothes that I never thought I would ever fit into again, and I feel so much better about myself!”
2. It Naturally Unclogs The Gut For A Lighter Tummy
As we start going through the change, falling estrogen levels cause weaker intestinal contractions.
This means you might:
😞 Feel bloated all the time
😞 Realize it’s harder to push out poop
😞 Even experience "walking farts".
And it's NOT just bathroom problems.
This hormonal constipation can also:
🐌 Disrupt metabolism and cell repair
🔥Cause flare ups in your knees, shoulders, elbows & more
🎈 Stubborn midsection bloat
🍪 And persistent cravings that just never seem to go away
Provitalize UNCLOGS your gut in 3 simple but highly effective ways:
#1: Supports Stronger Intestinal Contractions
Curry Leaf extract in Provitalize contains alkaloids & essential oils that support stronger intestinal contractions…
So the clogged waste gets pushed out more efficiently 2.
#2: Supports Efficient Digestion
Our premium probiotic blend optimizes digestion in the small intestine…
Which makes incoming waste softer - so it slides out easily.
#3: Supports Hormonal Balance
Provitalize targets the root cause of hormonal constipation with plant-based estrogen.
Phytoestrogens (plant-based) in Curcumin and Moringa Leaf extract supports hormonal balance naturally…
So everything from the stomach to the large intestine runs like clockwork.
No more unpredictable bathroom visits.
Just a lighter, gas-free tummy every single day.
⭐ Kristin W, 49, USA ⭐
“I’d always been a high energy person who never had a weight issue. But during menopause my body betrayed me and the weight started to pile on. I took a chance on Provitalize and I’m ecstatic to feel like me again. The sugar cravings were the first to go away. Then my exercise started picking back up. Now I’m down more than 10 pounds!”
3. It Supports Against Menopause Flareups, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats & Joint Aches
A drop in estrogen may also increase the number of free radicals in the body — harmful chemicals that weaken the body’s inflammatory response.
If left unattended, this may lead to:
🚨 Increased fat absorption
🚨 Weight gain
🚨 Aches in the knees, shoulders, neck, elbows or hands
🚨 Gastric flareups
🚨 Acne flareups
🚨 Increase in hot flash & night sweat frequency
… and lots more
This is why we’ve added Curcumin and Moringa Leaf extract in Provitalize.
These antioxidant herbs have been studied to support against harmful free radicals… 3,4.
So women can finally:
💗 Look in shape again
💗 Hike, garden & dance on healthy joints once more
💗 Enjoy a calm, relaxed tummy - even after eating spicy foods
💗 Look & feel vibrant from the inside out
💗 Sleep through the night like a baby & wake up to dry sheets every day
⭐ Kit F, 49, USA ⭐
“3 months on Provitalize and my hair is great, my skin is really glowing and most importantly, the excess weight is gone. That makes me so much more confident. I also have more energy and I’m just a nicer person to be around. Provitalize has made all the difference for me”
4. 100% Natural Ingredients. Hormone-Free. Naturopath-Approved.
Traditional “fat-burners” – such as green tea extract, caffeine pills, L-carnitine, and capsicum — often come with the risk of headaches, elevated heart rate, and increased blood pressure…
Because of one simple fact:
They do not support your body NATURALLY.
That’s why we’re proud to say Provitalize only contains 100% natural probiotic strains, herbs and absorption boosters:
❌ No chemicals.
❌ No stimulants.
❌ No preservatives.
… Which means it’s safe & effective to take for the long-term.
The best part?
It just takes 2 capsules per day for women to get the essential nutrients they need to look & feel like themselves again.
That’s why even naturopathic doctors are taking Provitalize & recommending it to their female patients:
⭐ Lisa L, 46, Naturopathic Doctor from Tampa Bay, Florida ⭐
“The ingredients are well thought-out. They’re what we need as women to really maintain our metabolism, body weight and healthy hormone levels. I’m sold! This is my go-to now and what I’m recommending to my female patients 30 and above”
5. From San Diego To Sydney: Over 2 Million Women Worldwide Are Calling Provitalize A “Godsend” For Menopause
Provitalize has been tested by real women just like you, all over the world – including countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK:
⭐Gloria F, 46, UK⭐
“I really liked that I lost some weight, and that I felt more energized and happier. I also found I was in a better mood and had less aches overall.”
⭐Sydney R., 56, CAN⭐
“I’ve been trying to lose 10 lbs for the last five years unsuccessfully until Provitalize. I’ve taken it for a little over a month now and the weight is finally coming off! I noticed my clothes feel looser and my digestion is so much better!”
⭐Crystal H, 48, USA⭐
“My husband noticed the changes of the new “Provitalize-me”. I’m more lively and energetic than ever before and I look trimmer and hotter in dress (that’s how he put it). I bet he loves the changes as much as I do.”
Are these women any different than you?
No, they’re not.
They are ordinary women who suddenly felt their mind, body and soul crumble when menopause hit — and were helpless, frustrated and confused.
The only thing they did differently was to put their doubts aside… and give Provitalize a try.
If you, too, can simply put your skepticism aside for a little awhile… you can see for yourself just what it’s like to:
😘 Fit beautifully into your cherished clothes again
😘 Move freely without aches and soreness
😘 Wake up to dry sheets every morning
😘 Enjoy meals without worrying about the uncomfortable, heavy feeling after
😘 Skyrocket your confidence and be happier in your own skin
😘 Have renewed vitality to create more precious memories with your loved ones
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