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Rejuvit Menopause Relief

Rejuvit Menopause Relief

Advanced Probiotics To Help Fat Loss, Eases Hot Flashes, Reduces Bloating, & Promotes Youthful Aging - 60 Capsules Per Bottle | $0.99 Per Serving Or Less!

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“I went from overweight, lethargic and cranky to a trim & chill lady who loves life again!”

Rejuvit Menopause Relief Helps Women Of All Ages To Achieve Their Weight And Health Goals

“I've lost 43 lbs since October - bringing my BMI from 30 to 24.”

  • Weight is always the number one concern for women of all ages. Rejuvit Menopause Relief helps to combat weight gain, reduce bloating, ease sugar cravings, and prevent fat absorption and storage, especially in problem areas.

  • Be it hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, brain fog, low energy, or any other menopause-related symptoms caused by hormonal fluctuations, Rejuvit Menopause Relief helps support the body in maintaining equilibrium naturally for a happier, healthier you.

  • Occasional digestive issues after 40 often prevent women from enjoying life to the fullest. Rejuvit Menopause Relief formula is specially designed to support a healthy digestive system and keep the tummy calm and relaxed.

With You Every Step of Your Menopause Journey

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Healthier Weight

Advanced thermogenic probiotic blend, featuring strains like L. Gasseri (SBT-2055), B. Lactis (DN-173) and L. Plantarum (ST-III), enables effortless and lasting weight loss for women, regardless of their current lifestyle.

Hot flash and Nightsweat Relief

Incorporates two natural herbs with phyto-estrogenic properties, stimulating the body's natural estrogen production. This effectively tackles the underlying cause of menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats.

High Energy Levels

During pre, mid, or post-menopause, women often experience fatigue, even after a restful night's sleep. Rejuvit includes magnesium that calms moods and promotes a sense of tranquility. Additionally, astragalus provides an energy boost, helping women feel more revitalized.

Manage Bloating and Improve Digestion

With a potent blend of 60 Billion CFU of specialized thermogenic strains, aids in alleviating bloating, trapped gas, constipation, and leaky gut and enhances the natural balance of gut flora.


90-day money back guarantee

Menopause Relief Ingredients

Clinically Studied Evidence-Based Formula With Premium Raw Ingredients & Patented Probiotic Strains Sourced In The US. Scientific Studies Referenced.

Fat-Loss Specific Probiotic Strains

Out of hundreds of probiotic strains,. Rejuvit Menopause Relief contains the most effective strains that work synergistically together to support weight management.

Absorption-Boosting Technology

Most probiotics and herbs don’t get successfully absorbed by the body. Rejuvit Menopause Relief takes care of this problem by enhancing the bioavailability of the formula with absorption boosters. Whatever you swallow is whatever the body absorbs.

Symptoms-Relieving Natural Herbs

A MenoBliss life begins by providing the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to flourish. Rejuvit Menopause Relief contains three natural herbs that provide the essential nutrients the body needs to achieve MenoBliss.

Essential Metabolism Boosting Minerals

Notably enhances metabolism by aiding enzymes in breaking down carbs and fats into energy. Improving insulin sensitivity, benefiting glucose utilization and weight management.

What Makes It Special?

The First 4-6 Weeks: 

  • Enhanced Gut Health:

Reduced bloating and flatulence

Improved bowel regularity

  • Menopausal Relief:

Decreased hot flashes and night sweats

Managed weight gain and mood swings

  • Less Inflammation:

Eased joint pain and fatigue

Improved symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

The First 60-90 Days: 

  • Reduction in Fat Absorption: Prevent the body from absorbing large amounts of fat from our diet. This means fewer calories will be absorbed from the same amount of food intake.
  • Reduction in Fat Storage: Excess calories are stored in fat cells, causing them to expand. These probiotic strains reduce fat storage by preventing the fat cells from expanding.
  • Support Healthy Metabolism: The probiotic strains boost metabolism, which burns excess calorie intake and fat stored in the body.
  • Reduction in Cravings: Help reduce unwanted food cravings and abnormally large hunger by reducing inflammation and regulating the hunger hormones.

90-day money back guarantee

Clinically Proven

Over 1 billion women will be menopausal by 2025. Sadly, many will experience unpleasant symptoms. But you don't have to. Rejuvit addresses the root cause of these – issues: disrupted gut microbiome. Our premium probiotic strain fortified with medicinal herbs and magnesium restores your gut health. We are giving you the support and comfort you need. From peri to post-menopause, we're with you every step of your journey.

Heal Yourself Like Never Before❤️‍🩹

  • 95% Saw a reduction of menopausal symptoms

  • 94% Saw an improvement in weight control and management

  • 90% Saw better moods and a calmer, stress-free life


90-day money back guarantee

What Makes It Special?

Rejuvit Menopause Relief is formulated to ensure every ingredient synergizes with science-backed studies.

Menopause Relief



Scientific Probiotic Strains

Long-Term Weight Control

Mood and Well-being

Side-effects & Addiction

Cost $$$


90-day money back guarantee

Your New Life Deserves to Rest With You.

Your new life deserves to rest with you, rejuvenating and supporting you in every way possible. With Rejuvit, you can experience a transformative journey toward improved health, vitality, and well-being.


Happy Customers and counting ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Customer Reviews

Based on 839 reviews
Khalila Hussain
Menopause relief

I think these tablets have helped alot with my health issues. I am very happy with them and I will continue to purchase them ☺️

Lesley Black
Sleep at last

The capsules are quite large but easily swallowed. Results were quickly evident for me.
The biggest and best result was my sleep! After months of poor and disturbed sleep I am back to falling asleep quickly and staying asleep!

Charlotte Lane
Charlotte lane

I didn't see or notice anything for quite a while but then I noticed that my mood swings were not as bad as they used to be but I have now and I will continue to give more feedback as my journey continues.

Very pleased

Only done about three weeks but my stomach is narrowing at the sides and I can feel the bottom of my ribs when lying down. I do feel better within myself both mood and energy wise have improved. I use the Belly Reset also and find My tummy is much more comfortable and the bloated feeling is gone after eating. Am very excited to see how my journey progresses. I am 64 and well past the menopause but I really do see and feel a real difference already. I would definitely recommend. Excellent product for me only weight loss supplement that has worked in my experience.

Maria Rawnsley
Rejuvit Menopause Relief

I have been taking these tablets for a couple of weeks now. So far my hot flushes have not been extreme. So look forward to seeing how I go when I have been on them for a couple of months


90-day money back guarantee